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Why is Visavis the right place to come to for immigration law consultancy? We think the most accurate answer to this question would be the reason why so many of our clients have chosen Visavis throughout the years. The very first impression of people working with us is that they understand that we know them, remember them, and value them. Our clients are more than just people paying to be provided with our services, they are also new friends and connections joining our inner circle. We, therefore, always underline our equal service fee policy which offers each and every client the same price. For the same reason, we are thoroughly committed to being contactable by using practical communication platforms through which you can reach us in the most efficient and quickest way. Indeed, we are driven by our empathy of your situation to provide the utmost care and attention. We are aware of the immense effects of a settlement application on your lives and we therefore pay a great amount of attention to ensure that our team members are dynamic and, most importantly, experienced. Our team consists of colleagues who have at least three and on average seven years of experience in the sector.

  • 10+ years experience

  • We understand the customer perspective

  • Fair Payment Policy

  • Practical Communication Channels

  • Dynamic and service-focused team

How It Works?

We explain our whole process in detail, including our work system, during our first meeting with the client so that our clients are aware from the outset of every step that they will encounter whilst they are receiving their requested services. Because of this, our clients know what to expect during the application journey, resulting in a straightforward and relaxed relationship.

Consultancy Services With


Years of Experience

We have transparent service standards at Visavis and use shared professional data storage platforms which allow our clients to follow-up the transactions made. These platforms both enable people working with us to observe the work in progress and also provide top-tier protection of the documents. Hence, we securely manage the document and information sharing process and in line with our duty of client confidentiality.
Lastly, for our clients who have already completed their application period, we update them regarding the most current and accurate news through our newsletter. The updates can be received via e-mail or SMS, depending on our clients’ preferences.


The Path to Success

Visavis sets itself apart due to our high rate of success, which is based on the number of our clients settled in the UK. Thanks to the experience we have gained in UK immigration law and the expertise we have developed over time; we help our clients to have a new life for our clients. We implement personalized strategies that we have developed over years of experience; we determine the most accurate roadmap for your UK visa applications, including everything from the first step to the last; and accordingly, we achieve success.

Basic Criteria

Conditions required for a successful visa application outcome


Financial points you need to take into consideration

Visa Duration & Rights

Rights granted by your visa including the length of your stay

Visavis Service Compass

Everything you need to know about the process if you wish to work with Visavis.